Why I’m Not Leaving LastPass. Yet.

Originally published as a Twitter thread: I, for one, am not leaving #LastPass. Yet. Privacy & security are too complex to manage without tools, and the zero knowledge architecture of this one has long been its most foundational feature, validated by @SGgrc & others. As long as tradeoffs between secrecy & convenience must be made,Continue reading “Why I’m Not Leaving LastPass. Yet.”

Is WordPress Still the Right Answer?

Since the day I first discovered WordPress (also the day I set up my first site), it’s been the right answer to so many questions my clients ask me: How can my business become more visible online? WordPress. How do I organize and manage my content marketing efforts? WordPress. How do I help people findContinue reading “Is WordPress Still the Right Answer?”

Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea

It seems that the latest fad is to pick on Slack. First, there was this tweet: Slack is amazing it totally replaced my e-mail inbox!!!! *secretly now has 95 separate inboxes* — Cabel (@cabel) February 27, 2016 Then Samuel Hulick wrote his Dear John letter. And more recently, @dharmesh painted a target on Slack’s multiple accountsContinue reading “Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea”

Rebranding Epiphany

It looks like we’re not the only ones moving away from the Epiphany Marketing name. From now on, Infor’s Epiphany Marketing Software will be known by a new moniker: Omni-channel Campaign Management. Why does this matter? For many years, our small business marketing firm, Grow The Dream, operated under the name Epiphany Marketing, LLC. From 1999 on, weContinue reading “Rebranding Epiphany”

Yoast SEO Removed 301 Redirects

Yesterday, I ran a variety of WordPress updates on a client’s site without giving them much thought. One of them, Yoast’s SEO for WordPress, is a trusty, reliable plugin that provides great functionality. It’s so trustworthy that I almost always apply the updates without even checking to see what’s new. It just so happened thatContinue reading “Yoast SEO Removed 301 Redirects”

The Modern Musician Show

Recently, I was asked to be part of the Modern Musician Show with Colin Thomson. Colin is doing a fantastic job with this new podcast, which is devoted to musicians who are working to make music more of a profession than just a hobby that occasionally makes money. Today’s environment for musicians is simultaneously tougherContinue reading “The Modern Musician Show”

Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change

Audiences I’ve been in front of as a conference speaker over the last several years will attest at just how much I’m a believer in responsive, mobile-friendly web design. I’ve been pounding that drum from the stage, in our smaller workshops for business owners, and in every other medium I can get my hands onContinue reading “Google’s Mobile-Friendly Algorithm Change”

Notepad++ Tribute to Charlie Hebdo

Today I was working in my favorite code/text editor for Windows, when I got an update notification. After the auto-updater completed, the following message appeared—one character at a time as if someone were punching the keys on my keyboard. Classy. Unexpected. Well said. #JeSuisCharlie

Epiphany Marketing on Faith Life Now

Epiphany Marketing got a little attention thanks to Gary & Drenda Keesee from Faith Life Now. I was privileged to have the opportunity to join Gary & Drenda for an episode of their television broadcast so we could talk about business. We talked mostly about the overwhelming opportunity in today’s economy. Anyone hoping to startContinue reading “Epiphany Marketing on Faith Life Now”

The Machine That Goes “Bing!”

And now for something completely different: In a bizarre move, Microsoft does something brilliant. At first I thought, “Well… they grabbed a 4-letter domain name that’s easy to remember… they couldn’t possibly have intended to connect it to the Monty Python sketch…” That was when I first started seeing the bing.com commercials about the tangentialContinue reading “The Machine That Goes “Bing!””