Rebranding Epiphany

It looks like we’re not the only ones moving away from the Epiphany Marketing name. From now on, Infor’s Epiphany Marketing Software will be known by a new moniker: Omni-channel Campaign Management.

Why does this matter? For many years, our small business marketing firm, Grow The Dream, operated under the name Epiphany Marketing, LLC.

From 1999 on, we owned (and still do, actually), the domain, and for all those years, it held a special place in my heart (and at the top of the Google search results!).

I love the term “Epiphany,” and have written about it on more than one occasion.

But alas, it ultimately didn’t work well.


Simple: it’s hard to spell.

If you had asked me back in 1998 (when we founded the company), it would never have crossed my mind that “epiphany” was difficult to spell.

Over the years, however, of helping many a person whose email to me had bounced, I learned that “epiphany marketing,” while memorable, was not easy to spell for many people. (Apparently the exceptions are people who are of Greek descent or who were raised Catholics. Alas, I fit neither of those characterizations, but I nonetheless didn’t imagine that it would be hard to spell.)

Also, I inadvertently created for myself the mother of all email addresses. There are 22 characters after the “@” symbol, and I used 13 before it.

It wasn’t my smartest move.

In any event, the term “epiphany” didn’t carry the depth of meaning for others as it did for my wife, Jill, and me. And a couple of years ago, we began thinking seriously about unifying some of our branding across multiple businesses, and “Grow The Dream” was born.

We serve entrepreneurs. We serve business owners. We serve people on small business teams who have often staked everything on the pursuit of a dream. Since we focus on helping them capture market share, take new territory, and increase revenue, we see ourselves as a critical part of helping these owners & their teams, “Grow The Dream.”

And all it took was an epiphany for us to see it.

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