Caffeine and Science: a Meditation for International Coffee Day

Today is International Coffee Day, which celebrates the beverage that arguably gave rise to modern western civilization. It’s a bold claim, I know. But one evening while in Miami visiting a client many years ago, I wandered into a Barnes & Noble and stumbled cross The Caffeine Advantage by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Ph.D. After beingContinue reading “Caffeine and Science: a Meditation for International Coffee Day”


I’ve always thought of myself as someone who has a good memory. Ideas, concepts, random facts… these I can often conjure up at will without  breaking a sweat. But after my ADHD diagnosis, one of the many epiphanies I’ve had in the process of rethinking my entire life has been about memory memory. It turnsContinue reading “ADHD: CRS?”

Is WordPress Still the Right Answer?

Since the day I first discovered WordPress (also the day I set up my first site), it’s been the right answer to so many questions my clients ask me: How can my business become more visible online? WordPress. How do I organize and manage my content marketing efforts? WordPress. How do I help people findContinue reading “Is WordPress Still the Right Answer?”

Trying Not to Fly By the Seat of my Pants

Adjusting to life—and especially work—with ADHD has been a bizarre experience. In fact, it has been a complete paradigm shift. Apparently, it’s not unusual for ADHDers to gravitate toward owning their own businesses. This is also true of INTPs, which makes me wonder if there’s any correlation between Myers-Briggs Type Indicators and ADHD, but that’sContinue reading “Trying Not to Fly By the Seat of my Pants”

You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To

I’ve been planning to write publicly about my ADHD diagnosis for some time now. There are handful of blog posts sitting in my “drafts” here just waiting for me to take the plunge. [Update: I took the plunge. “I Have ADHD” is now up. More to come!] What was I waiting for? I don’t know.Continue reading “You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To”

Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea

It seems that the latest fad is to pick on Slack. First, there was this tweet: Slack is amazing it totally replaced my e-mail inbox!!!! *secretly now has 95 separate inboxes* — Cabel (@cabel) February 27, 2016 Then Samuel Hulick wrote his Dear John letter. And more recently, @dharmesh painted a target on Slack’s multiple accountsContinue reading “Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea”

IndieWeb Stuff

As I wrote about recently on one of my other sites, I’ve been learning more about the IndieWeb world. As of right now, this site doesn’t have any IndieWeb-style feature (beyond those included in WordPress itself). The only exception is that I’ve installed PushPress, which facilitates PubSubHubbub (PuSH) notifications. The exciting thing about this is that @aaronpkContinue reading “IndieWeb Stuff”

Rebranding Epiphany

It looks like we’re not the only ones moving away from the Epiphany Marketing name. From now on, Infor’s Epiphany Marketing Software will be known by a new moniker: Omni-channel Campaign Management. Why does this matter? For many years, our small business marketing firm, Grow The Dream, operated under the name Epiphany Marketing, LLC. From 1999 on, weContinue reading “Rebranding Epiphany”