Burial Place of Clifton & Effie Johnson

My parents sent me a text today with a picture of the grave marker for Clifton D. Johnson (d. 1968) and Effie M. Johnson (1890-1968). These are my Dad’s paternal grandparents. My Mom & Dad are on a bit of an epic trip which happened to place them near Fayetteville, Arkansas. Dad noticed that thisContinue reading “Burial Place of Clifton & Effie Johnson”

The Mall at University Town Center Opens

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and daughter joined me for a quick trip to the Mall at University Town Center on a bit of an adventurous whim. Since it was opening day, we expected the mall to be slammed with shoppers and curiosity seekers like us who just wanted to get a look at the area’sContinue reading “The Mall at University Town Center Opens”

No Mobile Data After Cyanogenmod Update on Samsung Galaxy S3

UPDATE: One of our readers, Everett, posted a comment detailing what looks to be a simpler solution. He apparently tracked down a reliable way to flash only the modem. The caveat is: you need access to a Linux machine to use his technique. If you aren’t a Linux user, you could always gather the necessaryContinue reading “No Mobile Data After Cyanogenmod Update on Samsung Galaxy S3”

Epiphany Marketing on Faith Life Now

Epiphany Marketing got a little attention thanks to Gary & Drenda Keesee from Faith Life Now. I was privileged to have the opportunity to join Gary & Drenda for an episode of their television broadcast so we could talk about business. We talked mostly about the overwhelming opportunity in today’s economy. Anyone hoping to startContinue reading “Epiphany Marketing on Faith Life Now”

Lord Please Don’t Burn Us

Recently I sat in a presentation by a friend of mine who spent some time talking about the “Meritocracy” approach to relationship with God.  This is the idea that doing things we think He will approve of will cause us to be looked upon with favor, whereas neglecting such things or (worse) doing things HeContinue reading “Lord Please Don’t Burn Us”

The Machine That Goes “Bing!”

And now for something completely different: In a bizarre move, Microsoft does something brilliant. At first I thought, “Well… they grabbed a 4-letter domain name that’s easy to remember… they couldn’t possibly have intended to connect it to the Monty Python sketch…” That was when I first started seeing the bing.com commercials about the tangentialContinue reading “The Machine That Goes “Bing!””

What the Heck is a “Twitter”?

Even after Twitter’s exposure in the news over the last few months — Mumbai terror attacks, the plane landing in the Hudson, etc. — I still get asked this question by people still trying to figure out what Twitter is all about. Then, after rather ineptly explaining that it’s a service whereby you’re constantly answeringContinue reading “What the Heck is a “Twitter”?”

Marketing in the New Economy

Quick note: after listening to the needs of a lot of people who own and work for small businesses, I’ve decided that — once we get through the holiday season — it’s time to start a movement. I’m so passionate about helping people leverage 21st-Century technologies and adapt to the new environment, that I’ve beenContinue reading “Marketing in the New Economy”

Lose Weight by Eating More Doughnuts

I seem to recall some wise person telling me as a child: If it sounds too good to be true, it is. Maybe our “bailouts” and “economic stimulus” ideas don’t sound very good to you… but the whole thing reminds me of an adage that I have come to believe after years of working toContinue reading “Lose Weight by Eating More Doughnuts”