Near Miss Day 2022

On March 23, 1989, the asteroid 4581 Asclepius—apparently about the size of a mountain—came close to colliding with the earth. “On the cosmic scale of things, that was a close call.” —scientist Actually, he was an amateur astronomer. But he’s also a doctor of some kind. And he was “working on a NASA project,” accordingContinue reading “Near Miss Day 2022”

Caffeine and Science: a Meditation for International Coffee Day

Today is International Coffee Day, which celebrates the beverage that arguably gave rise to modern western civilization. It’s a bold claim, I know. But one evening while in Miami visiting a client many years ago, I wandered into a Barnes & Noble and stumbled cross The Caffeine Advantage by Bennett Alan Weinberg, Ph.D. After beingContinue reading “Caffeine and Science: a Meditation for International Coffee Day”

IndieWeb Stuff

As I wrote about recently on one of my other sites, I’ve been learning more about the IndieWeb world. As of right now, this site doesn’t have any IndieWeb-style feature (beyond those included in WordPress itself). The only exception is that I’ve installed PushPress, which facilitates PubSubHubbub (PuSH) notifications. The exciting thing about this is that @aaronpkContinue reading “IndieWeb Stuff”

Podcasts: Business, Marketing, and Guilty Pleasures

On #PodcastDay, we’re making recommendations about some of our favorite podcasts, so it’s time to jump into the fray here with a quick rundown of the ones I find myself listening to most often. As an on-again, off-again podcaster for many years, I’ve long enjoyed the medium. In fact, I’ve been a fan of old-schoolContinue reading “Podcasts: Business, Marketing, and Guilty Pleasures”

DIY Portal Gun Project

What can I say? Few things will make a father prouder than to find out that his 9-year-old daughter wants to design her own Chell costume for the All Hallow’s Eve festivities. The only problem? We weren’t about to make the investment in the official replica Portal Gun for her to carry. (Not that weContinue reading “DIY Portal Gun Project”

Burial Place of Clifton & Effie Johnson

My parents sent me a text today with a picture of the grave marker for Clifton D. Johnson (d. 1968) and Effie M. Johnson (1890-1968). These are my Dad’s paternal grandparents. My Mom & Dad are on a bit of an epic trip which happened to place them near Fayetteville, Arkansas. Dad noticed that thisContinue reading “Burial Place of Clifton & Effie Johnson”

The Mall at University Town Center Opens

Yesterday afternoon, my wife and daughter joined me for a quick trip to the Mall at University Town Center on a bit of an adventurous whim. Since it was opening day, we expected the mall to be slammed with shoppers and curiosity seekers like us who just wanted to get a look at the area’sContinue reading “The Mall at University Town Center Opens”

No Mobile Data After Cyanogenmod Update on Samsung Galaxy S3

UPDATE: One of our readers, Everett, posted a comment detailing what looks to be a simpler solution. He apparently tracked down a reliable way to flash only the modem. The caveat is: you need access to a Linux machine to use his technique. If you aren’t a Linux user, you could always gather the necessaryContinue reading “No Mobile Data After Cyanogenmod Update on Samsung Galaxy S3”