Why I’m Not Leaving LastPass. Yet.

Originally published as a Twitter thread: I, for one, am not leaving #LastPass. Yet. Privacy & security are too complex to manage without tools, and the zero knowledge architecture of this one has long been its most foundational feature, validated by @SGgrc & others. As long as tradeoffs between secrecy & convenience must be made,Continue reading “Why I’m Not Leaving LastPass. Yet.”

Editing Vertical Video in Blender

Just set the “Properties” to 1080×1920, right? Wrong. The video clip I brought in was weirdly cropped and distorted instead. I wouldn’t have thought this would’ve been difficult. I tried a few things and nothing was turning out quite like I had expected. But thankfully, there are generous people on the internet who make things,Continue reading “Editing Vertical Video in Blender”

Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea

It seems that the latest fad is to pick on Slack. First, there was this tweet: Slack is amazing it totally replaced my e-mail inbox!!!! *secretly now has 95 separate inboxes* — Cabel (@cabel) February 27, 2016 Then Samuel Hulick wrote his Dear John letter. And more recently, @dharmesh painted a target on Slack’s multiple accountsContinue reading “Why Breaking Up With Slack Is The Wrong Idea”