Marketing in the New Economy

Quick note: after listening to the needs of a lot of people who own and work for small businesses, I’ve decided that — once we get through the holiday season — it’s time to start a movement. I’m so passionate about helping people leverage 21st-Century technologies and adapt to the new environment, that I’ve beenContinue reading “Marketing in the New Economy”

Monty Python reacts… to Social Media!

And now for something completely different in the battle for copyright controls on YouTube… When all else fails, give the content away! While the Python troupe aren’t the first to make this move, they just might be the funniest! In all seriousness, this is truly something that could only occur in the 21st Century. Let’sContinue reading “Monty Python reacts… to Social Media!”

What Obama Did Right in His Acceptance Speech

If you’re interested in becoming more interesting, more compelling, and more effective as a verbal communicator, then you need to check out Max Atkinson’s analysis of the Obama acceptance speech. Whatever you think of his politics or his policies, the man is scary good at public speaking. The analysis shows just how intentional, polished, andContinue reading “What Obama Did Right in His Acceptance Speech”