What can I say? Having a name like mine is a little like being named “John Smith.”

Don’t get me wrong… I love my name. On the one hand, my last name represents my heritage. It identifies me with my father’s side of the family. It’s a heritage I’m thankful for and proud of — proud of in the sense that you can be proud of things you had nothing to do with.  On the other hand, my first name carries special meaning to me.

The difficulty, of course, is that there are just so many other people with my name.  But now… now I have the ability to help people find me by telling them my name and saying, “Not just any David Johnson, but ‘THE’ David Johnson… dot com.”

Not to be megalomaniacal… I realize there are lots of other important people named David Johnson… I just happened to be “THE” one you know! (or… at least one of the ones you know…)

If you came here looking for one of my illustrious namesakes, then perhaps you should poke around before you go and see what’s interesting.

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