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A Message from David G. Johnson

This is a bit of a personal playground for me, but professionally, you might say I’m…

A serial entrepreneur with a passion for empowering business owners to grow, lead, and achieve.

Note: If you’re interested in a more complete bio, check out the David G. Johnson page on my company’s website.

Here’s some of what I’m up to these days…

In 2018, I discovered that I had lived for more than 4 decades with undiagnosed ADHD. This was a startling epiphany, which I’ve begun writing about here.

The company I founded in 1998, Grow The Dream, provides marketing strategy, content marketing services, and other solutions for businesses that wish to attract customers (who doesn’t, right?).  We also consult and train on developing strategy, leveraging technology, and creating fantastic relationships. Looking for great tips? Visit our strategic marketing blog.

You may also enjoy the Grow The Dream Show, a podcast that I’m honored to co-host alongside my good friends Rod Thomson and Josh Muccio.

On the flip side, I’m passionate about developing the dreams of business ownership and financial freedom in people… about helping them discover, dream, and develop themselves into their destiny and purpose. That’s why I founded Nourish The Dream.

We’ve also got a site where some of my team and I occasionally blog about marketing, technology, our beautiful city of Sarasota, (and just about any and everything else) called Epiphany Digest. It is so named because for many years, Grow the Dream was known as Epiphany Marketing.

There’s more, but I won’t bore you any further. Here are some quick links: